Our spa lover hamper is the perfect way to de-stress for busy workers, new mamma’s and students. This goody box includes mild stress relieving products which allows you to get refreshed and ready for a productive day. 
Japanese Honey Suckle Candle

One of our best handpicked aromas Japanese honey suckle gives you mouthwatering sense of feeling. La-Ra scents candles are made with extra care and designed with certified dried rose buds to calm your mind.
Ingredients: Soy wax, Japanese honey suckle fragrance, certified organic rose buds & gold mica
Please note: For safety reasons, please take off the dried botanicals before lighting our candles.
Romantic Bath Bomb

Our romantic bath bombs give you an amazing restful bath time.  The aroma is just mind-blowing. You’ll be dying for one more sniff! Beautiful fruity notes mixed with romantic rose scents to rejuvenate you. Coconut oil deeply moisturises your skin.
Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, love type fragrance oil, certified organic rose buds & gold mica.
Caramel Toffee Organic Lip Balm

Our jojoba lip protection balm is made with 100% skin loving ingredients. They are ideal for skin absorption. Also, it repairs damage caused by sunlight exposure and other weather conditions. We promise you our lip balms give long-lasting benefits that make your lips healthy and plump. Our Jojoba Lip Protection Balm is a soft, buttery balm, but contains enough natural honey beeswax  to give it "stickability”. Get ready for soft and nourished lips that last the whole day. 
Ingredients: Jojoba organic oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, lip balm sweetener & caramel toffee flavour
Botanical Wax Air Freshener  - Japanese Honey Suckle 

One of our La-Ra scents collections botanical wax air fresheners made with soy wax, combined with delicious Japanese honey suckle to give out an amazing aroma. This is a lovely product, best to use in your wardrobe, handbags, small toilets and cupboards to create a luxurious aroma. You will be amazed by this rejuvenating aroma as well as the cute display of natural botanicals embedded into the soy wax tablet which lasts for months. Another way to use this small goodie, is by breaking it up and putting it on your wax burner to enjoy a nice aroma. 
Ingredients: Natural soy wax, Japanese honey suckle fragrance & dried botanicals 
Card & Face Towel

Personalise your gift with a beautiful complimentary card with beautiful face towel


As we’re running out of our face masks, a beautiful bath shot will be added in your beautiful hamper to add extra value to our customers. 

Spa Lover - Gift Hamper