The Natural experience believes that aligning the mind, body, soul is very important to reach deep state of peace, harmony and wisdom. Our wide range of skin care products are perfect for a self-care treat. La-Ra scents collections provide a wide range of natural, aromatherapy, healing vibes through its natural, subtle scented products. Refresh yourself and fill your home with amazing natural aromas.


Candles have been used a source of light and for illuminations for more than 5,000 years. Our wide range of natural botanical candles are made in a modern way to give you amazing benefits. La-Ra scents provide perfect botanical candles which are essential for a celebration, to ignite romance, creating healing vibes through soothing the senses, accent home decors – casting a warm and lovely glow all around us to enjoy


Key benefits of La-Ra Scents botanical candles


  • Good Vibration & Atmosphere

Our candles produce the perfect atmosphere to your home that simply can’t be replicated. We promise they create a cozy & intimate atmosphere all around you. Light up La-Ra scents candles in your home creating softness and the aromas create a very warm and welcoming environment.


  • Stress relieving & relaxing your mind


Candles are perfect to treat an anxious mind as candles have soothing & healing properties in them. Candle creates a gentle glow; it helps to ease and soothe our mind. Give it a try next time. You have a stressful day : light up a candle, watch the flame & breathe the aroma for a few minutes will make a big difference.

  • Create healing vibes

La-Ra scents provides botanical aromatherapy candles helping you to relax, energize your brain to get into a more productive mindset and create healing vibrations in you and around you.




Our best fragrance giving candles are perfect to celebrate your romantic dinner date, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and so much more. They are perfect to treat yourself best and give as a gift to your loved ones. 


  • Decoration

La scents are designed perfectly to add value to any rooms in your house. Very beautiful botanicals refresh your mind and give amazing decoration. It creates a spa- like retreat place to your bath tub or bathroom, cozy, romantic & calm finishing to your bedroom, the perfect centre-piece on your dining table for a romantic candlelit dinner, and leaves a nice aroma to your kitchen to kill bad odors and leaves a nice sparkle next to you when you sit in your back yard, looking at the beautiful sky, moon and stars.


Lemongrass & Persian Lime - Botanical Candle

  • You will perfectly satisfy your senses with fantastic fresh citrus scent of zesty lime combined with lemongrass, lemon peel & a soft touch of floral tone aroma. This is La-Ra scents favorite candle. We would like to share our experience with this small goodie. We light up our favorite lime and coconut candle, sit cross legged, loosen our body, look at the flame for a few minutes, take a deep breath and enjoy perfect peace, happy, harmony and healing vibration around us.

    Ingredients: Soy wax, lemongrass & persian lime fragrance oil & dehydrated lime and lemongrass pieces


    Key Benefits:

    • Perfect to relax your mind- Our favorite meditation candle
    • Remove kitchen odors
    • Enhances your spa experience (Light up in spa or bathrooms)
    • Beautiful center piece of your coffee table
    • Create warm and cozy environment

    Fragrance Notes

    Top Notes: Lime zest, lemon peel

    Middle Notes: Lemongrass, jasmine

    Base Notes: Vanilla bean, rosewood

    Approx. burning time:   

    • Tin Candles: 24 hours
    • Medium Jar Candles: 33 hours
    • Large Jar Candles: 51 hours


    Please note: For safety reasons, please take off the dried botanicals before lighting our candles.