A story of freshness

Meet the maker


Hey, it's Ramya. I’m a happy wife and mummy to a gorgeous lil girl. Self-love is my mission. I am really passionate about bodybuilding and the positive mindset that comes with it. I love to take care of my body and make sure I’m the best version of myself.  I strongly believe our bodies carry our souls. Looking after our body is so important in keeping our inner peace, to open the flow of happiness.

I love mother nature, I admire her beauty, and am so grateful for her. Mother nature provides us with amazing resources to look after us. After my research regarding natural skin care practice,

I am happy to introduce skin loving natural products all 100% natural ingredients all sourced in Australia.

I put my creative spark into traditional cold process soap making, using amazing naturally produced oils and butters. THE END PRODUCT, I absolutely love & the result is mind blowing. My showers are so much fun. It's such a beautiful experience. This is how “the natural experience '' was born. I want to share this amazing, game changing experience with you all. My soaps will definitely prove it!

Get naked!

Enjoy your shower with our bars. Feel “nature”. It's an experience!  

Why Handmade Soaps?

After I used commercial and supermarket bath products, I was keen to switch to natural bath products for myself. When I researched and gained knowledge about all-natural olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, hemp oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, natural clays and micas, essential oils & fragrance oils, I was speechless. They are incredible gifts from mother nature and incredibly beneficial for our human skin. As you know, I deeply love nature, so with heartfelt gratitude, I made natural soap bars from scratch.

Carefully handpicked natural goodness

Carefully handpicked natural goodness.png

To cleanse your skin, moisture you skin, refresh you and relax you

The purpose of my creative art work in the soap

Carefully handpicked natural goodness.png

To relax your mind and calm you

Lovingly hand-picked essential oils

Carefully handpicked natural goodness.png

To give you a healing experience

The Fragrance oils

Carefully handpicked natural goodness.png

The aroma rejuvenates

That’s why we call it “an experience”
I am sure you will feel the same